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The Grip -lesson One


Your hold on the club should feel consistently light, unified and flexible to allow the wrists to hinge freely at the correct times.

To take your hold you will have to adopt a basic posture first. Push your bottom out, angling the upper body forwards while bending from the hips, and sit slightly through the knees. The arms now hang freely downwards from the shoulders. Place the club to the ball and hold the very top end of the club between your right thumb and index finger to steady the club face squarely behind the ball.

With your left arm hanging freely open the hand out and set the club diagonally across the palm and the fingers. Keep the fingers pointing down towards your toes to get the correct placement of the club in the hand. Close the left hand over around the handle and remember to keep a light pressure. Check there is no gap between the thumb and the index finger, they should look stitched together.

Right Hand-The golf club has a thin handle and therefore the club needs to fill the fingers of the right hand and not the palm. Place your little finger piggy-back on the left index finger and wrap your two middle fingers around the handle and form a trigger with the index finger, then bring your thumb across so it touches the far side, molding over the left thumb.

Now waggle the club so there are no loose air pockets and invest in a quality glove, worn on your left hand to assist with a secure hold without relying on increased grip pressure.





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