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Flat footed


42 common errors in golf
and how to correct

Hanging on the back foot while trying to hit the ball will cause you pull your club across the ball from out-to-in through impact. Pull shots, topping, slicing are the main results. The correction is first found with the foot work in throwing a ball underarm where you finish with your weight on the front foot. You step forward with the left foot, swing your arm to throw with the back foot rolling inward and upward onto the toe, till the right knee points over the front foot.So with the golf swing the feet have little movement in the backswing, where in the downswing activity is seen and felt in the lower right leg and foot. Here is a most useful swing key; think FEET ASLEEP for the backswing; then FEET AWAKE for the follow through to achieve great weight transference and a follow through.

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