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Bad take-away


42 common errors in golf
and how to correct

The start of the backswing has much to do with determining how good a shot will be.
One major fault is to allow the right hand to pick up the club on the backswing. This reduces the swinging arc and will cramp the downswing.
Another big fault is to swing back the club in too wide an arc. The player will follow this path on the downswing and cut across the ball.
For the small muscle swing the hands should start back in a pendulum like semi circle fashion to waist high. With shoulders, arms and trunk responding to the action of the hands and club.
A big muscle swing would start back with a rotation of the body around the right knee. This is only possible from the correct positioning of the body at address.
And a mixed muscle action will start back with the left shoulder moving on a descending arc to a point under the chin, the right shoulder is moving upward in response to the left/shoulder and the club head is following the arc of the right shoulder.
Which one is right for you?  The answer lies in the whether you are hooking or slicing. Beginner, advanced?
Come in for a lesson and I will help you find your golf swing.
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