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The fundamentals of a modern big muscle method are ideal for a golfer who is hooking. This fundamental method emphasizes the role of the body in controlling the swing and therefore is the most effective method for curing a hook because hookers overuse hands and arms and under use body action. Hookers and slicers are usually best advised to take opposite tacks in almost everything including their choice of swing methods. Regardless of whether you hit your shots to the left or the right, your starting point on the road to playing better golf is the same. If you want to make lasting improvements in your game let me map out an effective learning program.

The swing method that is right for you and your golfing goals is the one that  best  enables you to consistently produce the correct impact of club on ball. I can help you find the best choice for your game improvement.

To slow down your hand action through impact , Grip from underneath. This simply means that you will have pressure in the underneath part of the grip and little on the top side. Gripping from underneath will reduce your hook and help you to hit straight.





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