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Mental game


42 common errors in golf
and how to correct

bad golf day;  The sooner a player learns that bad luck on one shot is generally offset by good luck on another, the sooner he will learn to conquer worry. A worried golfer cannot post a good score. The average golfer obtains the best results when he shoots for a certain 5 on a par 4 hole. Then, when he shoots a par or better he enjoys an unlooked for bonus. Take a look at the best golfers. They play against par for each hole, when they leave a putting green they cease to talk about what has happened before.

Concentration; Deep concentration on a still object, such as a golf ball, can last about three to five seconds. After that period the mind begins to wander or become confused. Rather than put yourself into a mild state of hypnosis, I recommend a preliminary waggle to relax muscles before swinging.  This ensures against tenseness acquired during address.Tap the feet, wriggle the shoulders, take one last look at the target and begin.  

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