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3/ The Cross Crawl exercise

There are many variations of the cross crawl. Some are extremely intricate, requiring the agility and timing of a skilled tap dancer or acrobat, but bowlers of middle age and over should find the following well within their scope: CROSS CRAWL A is probably the most difficult and the most beneficial: Lie on your back on a firm bed, couch or rug. Keep your legs flat on the surface, feet together. 1 /FLEX THE LEFT FOOT, pulling the toes back towards your knee. 2/ as you move your foot RAISE THE RIGHT ARM simultaneously over your head and at the same time turn your head to the RIGHT.

      3/ As you return the left foot, right arm and head to the resting position, FLEX THE RIGHT FOOT, RAISE THE LEFT ARM and TURN YOUR HEAD TO THE LEFT.

4/ Keep the sequence going for 100 movements, 50 on each side, twice a day.5/ Take your time at first, concentrate, and get the sequence in the correct order and keep at it. Those who find the exercise difficult need it most. 



Cross crawl exercises, if done before retiring to bed, have been known to help some cases of insomnia. CROSS CRAWL B is similar to A but instead of flexing the foot, RAISE THE LEG STRAIGHT TO ABOUT 45 DEGREES, RAISE THE OPPOSITE ARM TO 45 DEGREES, AND TURN THE HEAD to the same side as the raised arm. If this exercise irritates your back, hips or legs, revert to A or try the next one. . . MARCHING ON THE SPOT or MARKING TIME (Army style) is just as good. Lift your knees as high as you can without losing control. Do 100 STEPS AT A TIME, ONCE OR TWICE A DAY.


CROSS CRAWL C is similar to B but easier on some types of back and hip trouble. FLEX THE KNEE JOINT AS YOU LIFT THE LEG, RAISE THE OPPOSITE ARM TO 45 DEGREES OR MORE SIMULTANEOUSLY, AND TURN YOUR HEAD to the side of the raised arm.Go to Stretch Your Legs.



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