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8/ The Trials of Sore Feet


Middle aged and elderly feet take a pounding in a full day of golf, especially when the play is slow.
 I am conscious of the demands made on a golfers feet and have often noticed how the form of unfit golfers seems to deteriorate on the back 9 according to the condition of their feet. The feet are the first to tire in a great majority of cases. From then on their golf begins to tire too.
I understand advice given to 'rookie' soldiers during an all-day route march is to 'Switch your socks every couple of hours during a march'. I have used this useful tip on a number of occasions myself midway through the round.
So keep a fresh pair of socks in your golf bag and change them at the 10th tee.
No change of sox! --  You could try this , Tired feet do take on a different feeling by swapping socks from one foot to the other.



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