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This site is dedicated to that mass of players who are the life blood of the most tantalizating game in the world.
It has been my pleasure during the last twenty- seven years to play with and to teach golf to professionals and players with handicaps varying from scratch to thirty-six, and I have been made aware of the vast operation for doing good work by simplification of method.
Golf and golfers have given me some very happy hours, and I am really grateful to all of the many students I have had the pleasure of meeting. I hope they will accept as an expression of my thanks this effort to set down the fundamental principles in teaching them, and that it may pave the way for happier golf for every visitor to Always Golf.
Before closing, I would like to take this opportunity of thanking a certain gentleman, PGA professional Jack Coogan, for his kindly interest, suggestions and criticisms, and to acknowledge my gratitude to the students who so kindly consented to pose for the illustrations.

Sandringham.                                                        S.M.

July, 2007



Struan McDowall



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