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No shot preperation.


When you stand up to play a shot let your mind and body work in proper sequence of thought and action. First try to visualize the shot. If you then begin by holding the club correctly, you can forget about it and so apply your mind to the next point of importance, that of setting the club-face to the objective. Having settled the club-face, you are free to concentrate on the position of your feet and body. And when each of these items has been attended to, your mind is free to concentrate on the swing.
Visit a professional tournament, as spectator, spend a profitable hour at one of the tees and watch how each player takes his stance. The first thing that will strike you will be the brevity of the preliminaries; but if you watch closely you will soon realize that this is because the pros are all methodical, either by habit or design.
Approached from the right angle, the game of golf is as simple to learn as ABC, but quite different to make headway with if taken haphazard.
So here are your countdown questions.
1/ ask yourself have you approached the ball correctly?
2/ have you got the correct choice of club?
3/ are you holding the club with the correct grip?
4/ does your stance feel balanced and comfortable?
 If you can answer yes to all of these you have acquired a methodical approach and are ready to swing.






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