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This shot is usually played when firing into the wind from the fairway or off the tee on a Par 3 hole.
The purpose is to keep the ball low and boring onwards.
It is played with a lower numbered iron than would be used for the comparable shot if conditions
were ideal. So if you had a number 6 iron to the green with a block shot you would take out a number 4 iron instead.
To play this shot , play the ball a little further back than usual, with the hands slightly ahead of the ball at address, and the wrists held rigidly. This will result in a shorter backswing and a restricted follow through. The hands are ahead of the ball at impact and the clubhead stays low to the
ground. The power of the shot virtually ends with the strike.
With a little Blocking coaching this can be a deadly accurate shot to tight pin placements.


Struan McDowall



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