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Womens Golf Clinics


Enjoy your golf improvement in one of Struan's Golf Clinics.

TUESDAY 9.30am to 10.30am  WEDNESDAY  9.30am to 10.30am

Struan specializes in swings best suited for the Woman Golfer. Knowledgeable experience has produced consistent results with cases of handicaps reducing from 36 to 12 in 3 years; 45 to 27 within 12 months, 7 to 5 within 1 month and many more.

Tomorrow's star names couldn't get off to a better start.

Ree Park 12 years old; Winner of the 2007 ladies club championship at Kingswood G.C. Melbourne.
Ree or Lee as she prefers started coming to my Sunday Junior clinics held at Golf Park driving
range, from the age of 6.
From age8 to age9 she was part of Struan Mcdowall Advanced Junior coaching. Ree was an
outstanding student. She started a scrap book with picture swings I had given to her
of champion female golfers.Ree always had a swing question that I was happy to answer.
 Her unique golf skills first came under the eye of talent scouts when at The annual Junior Girls
golf coaching camp at Anglesea G.C. And then her golf was on its way.
There are not to many golfers who practice as much as she does.
Well done again Ree.






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