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Relaxation techniques


The purpose here is simply to describe some of the best -known relaxation Techniques.
It is difficult to give a clear definition of the concept of relaxation techniques.
There are many different techniques which use mental and /or physical exercises to change the
way your muscles and your emotions behave.
One of the Relaxation techniques worth a try is this one. Autogenic training is a series of self-
training exercises to change physical feelings through thought.
If you think of something happening and concentrate on it, this will set up an involuntry,
but perceptible movement in your muscles. For example, if you want to relax your arm muscles,
 all you want to do is concentrate your mind on the relaxed state you are trying to achieve.
The act of relaxing will be reflected in a feeling of heaviness.

 _   Autogenic training ; Relaxation technique.
    the six exercises
1/ Weight exercise ( muscular relaxation): my body feels heavy.
2/ Heat exercise ( vascular dilation): my body feels warm.
3/ Controlling your heart beat and 4/Breathing control: Sycronize your breathing with your heart
beat.  My heart is beating calmly and strongly and I am breathing calmly.
5/ Controlling abdominal organs: my solar plexus feels warm.
6/ Head exercise: my forehead is cool.

Repeat these exercises two or three times a day.
The benefits here are numerous. For instance I do the autogenic exercises throughout the day
many times, and when I do them when going to bed I often now never recall getting to the fifth
exercise before falling asleep. And a good nights sleep at that.
The Autogenic technique is of proven effectiveness. You may be sceptical at the first time you
try , but as time goes on you will be amased by the benefits you find taking place.
The use of simple, repeated phrases in the training is similar to that of mantras i meditation.
This repeatition , reinforced by the methods suggestive effect , is a very good way of altering your level
of awareness and restoring neural functions which have been adversely affected by stress.


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