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I think my Caddie is impressed.


I have organised and been the travelling golf professional in at least 9 Golfing tour Groups.
On this particular golf tour we had travelled to Thailand. What made the golf so good here was that everyone had a caddie.If it was their first trip we also arranged as a bonus , an extra 2 caddies. One to hold an umbrella , protecting you from the sun and another to carry a folding chair so to rest while waiting for other players to have their shot.So picture the excitement of playing in front of a gallery. A normal group of 4, each player having 3 caddies, total of group = 16.                                                

The delight and excitement in re-living the golfing feats of the day was something.

Case no.1 Mick ,from Ireland and a reasonable golfer. Upon finishing his round, looking a little hot and sweaty, I ask him how he went. Well he burst out with fantastic, really really well, just the best ever. Struan it was unbelievable, just unbelievable. My caddie is the best ever . What ever she said to do I did it.She gave me a no.6 iron and I sent it right to the pin. And I did it all day. Just great!
Well this sounded good so I couldn't wait to see his card for the competition. Somehow his memory of his good shots made him forget about the others. Mick's score added to 119. I didn't ever tell him what he shot that day as he was still bragging about playing the shot his caddie said to play.

Case no.2 Gerrard. A big burley cheif. Not a regular golfer , could play a little, was just on a relaxing break from work. Struan he said one evening after golf, I think that I am getting the hang of golf. Why do you think that, I asked. Well for two days in a row my caddie announces to the other caddies something before I play each shot. It sounds important because each caddie within the area turns around to take notice.It puts a little pressure on me with everyone watching but I am enjoying it. I tell you one thing, if my ball goes off line with all those eyes I don't lose many balls.

The word they use is "Unta-Rai". it sounds important, do you know what it says. At the time I didn't so we found an English/Thai dictionary. "Unta-Rai" =beware, Danger.Gerrard took this on the chin, but he had told too many people of how important his caddie had made him feel, and was asked repeatedly at dinner if he had found out its translation. It took some time for him to see the funny side.By the next day the story had grown to legend statis and Gerrard would tell it as if some badge of honour.


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