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When I first met Brian Twite.


Brian and I were set the task to do a Corporate golf clinic for Australia Post.
The venue was Metropolitan G.C. Melbourne. Brian led off, playing shots from the bunker. Before too long Brian had everyone mesmerized as he started to demonstrate shots standing on one leg, then one leg and one arm, then changing leg and arm.

Wow, I'm to follow him and I'm going to look pretty standard. Brian then introduced me to the group with, now I would like to introduce PGA professional Struan Mcdowall and he will now show you what he knows about bunker shots.Luckily I noticed that Brian's shots were just for greenside shots so after demenstrating a sucessful reproduction of Brian's shot I turned my attention to the long bunker shot. All went very well.

In the weeks that followed I kept remembering the one armed shots played by Brian Twite. I must have played them before but not seen their value in understanding bunker technique.Bunker practice spent with this shot teaches you the importance of keeping the clubhead moving while in the sand and well into the follow through. Because this shot lacks speed and power it is the momentum continuing into the follow through that gets the ball out. Swing long and slow not short and quick is the message from this practice.Thanks Brian Twite a good tip and a good memory.


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