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The famous # 8 iron


With the eight iron we are hitting down on the ball and taking turf in front of it on every shot. We're not concerned here with distance at all, but accuracy. Not only should we put the ball on the green with these clubs, but we should be firing at the pin.
The ball should be taking a pretty good bite when it comes into the green. It ought to be "dancing". That means , because we are pinching it off the turf and when it hits the green it should be digging in its heels for a short bounce and a spin-back.

The famous eight iron changed the shape of modern iron head design.
In one of those surveys' on golf there was a harmless throw-away question. Ques. What is your favorite golf club?
And the most popular answer from thousands of respondents was; the no.8 iron. Well this answer was accepted because it was an easy club to use, nothing more was considered.

It was a good number of years later that this answer was revisited. There was a significent feature that had been overlooked.
At the time the no.8 iron was often thought to be the ugly duckling of the set of irons. In some models this club even looked like it was from another set. Why you may ask. Well it had everything to do with the top line on the club-face. With irons no.1through to no.7 the top line was straight and from no.8 to sand iron it was curved ( convex). So the no.8 iron was where the curved top line hanged to a straight top line in the no.7 iron. Some models just did not have a good visual flow from one shape to the other.

Anyway what has this got to do with things. Well what they did was make up a set of irons all designed with the curved top line of the no.8iron.What did this do? Why was it better?

Visually the curved top line gave the long irons an appearance of having more loft than the same lofted club with a straight top line.
It was better because the visual easiness of the club gave the golfer more confidence to use their long irons.
It is only with a few of the traditional blade irons that you will see the old design straight top line shaped long and medium irons to the modern shape curved top line short irons.
Have a look at your set.

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