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Complete set of Lessons


This complete set of professional lessons is invaluable to the beginner. Advanced golfers also will find these lessons interesting because of several concepts on instruction presented in a new way.
Lessons include grip, alignment and stance, irons, woods, approach shots, pitch and chip, sand shots, putting and equipment.

Simplicity is the keynote. Photos help get the ideas across. Study them carefully as they’ll reveal what’s right or wrong with your game. Keep this guide as a handy reference.

These lessons were designed by Struan Mcdowall PGA Teaching Professional from the
Sandringham Golf Academy located at ‘The Range’ Wangara Rd. Sandringham, Melbourne’s top golf improvement centre, Australia.
He has been accredited with AAA and Level III Coaching classification by the PGA and National Coaching Council. 

Many of my students have remarked, “I’ve been told how to swing before but I’ve never quite got the right picture of how to do it until Struan Mcdowall explained it to me”.


Struan McDowall



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