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It's time to check on your progress


Golfing faults magnify themselves. And because they do, it is necessary for all golfers, including professionals to analyze their games from time to time, to seek out faults and make corrections.

Ideally a check should be made at regular intervals. To be sure, a check at mid season is helpful. Ask yourself; have I improved since the beginning of the year? Then ask yourself what are my faults? Perhaps you’re slipping on a swing fundamental, or perhaps it’s simply a part of your game like driving or putting.

Try to diagram your game, keep records of your shots and isolate flaws. Then you can work on the flaws. The average golfer seems totally unaware of their overall game, which parts are good and which are bad. A basic way to analyze your game is shown here. A record of a single round is not sufficient to pinpoint any flaws, but several records of similarity would warrant attention.

Par is usually computed on distances.
Men up to 235mtrs – 3 strokes, 236-445mtrs – 4 strokes, 446mtrs- up – 5 strokes.
Women up to 200mtrs– 3 strokes, 201-378mtrs – 4 strokes, 379-545mtrs – 5 strokes, 545mtrs- up – 6 strokes. Your comparison here should reflect to your handicap.

On your score card, label sections like this;
Self: Drive R/L mtrs – distance of drive, and whether drive is to right or left of fairway.
Approach: Iron or wood R/L mtrs – distance of shot and direction.
Pitch: R/L mtrs (from Pin) – distance from the cup, club used and direction.
Chip: R/L mtrs (from Pin) – distance from the cup, club used and direction.
Putt: mtrs – distance from cup
Putt Total: total number of putts.

Using the scorecard in this manner will enable you to make an analysis of your total game; the length and direction of drives and long irons; the frequency of a slice or hook; the distance from the cup and accuracy of pitch and chip shots; the distance from the cup of the first putt; and the total number of putts needed. Keeping this kind of record each time you play will give you a basis for comparison and improvement. Your tool kit for better golf.






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